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Pitch 33, Whitecross Street, London, EC1Y 8JL

Tel: 07845 468389 Karina 

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The Roast of Sherwood is really serious about health and safety. As a UK registered limited company we have strong obligations to ensure that our customers receive the highest standards.

Our internal health and safety procedures have been audited by the “EHO” team at Islington Council. We were very pleased to be awarded an outstanding score from Islington Council for our food hygiene rating.

Every year we have an annual review of our safety procedures with all our staff and every event is carefully documented from start to finish as part of health and safety requirements. Our equipment is also audited on an annual basis and all documentation is available on request.

One thought on “Enquires

  1. The best home made burgers and the best roast pork i ever had. Congratulation guys!
    Greetings from Romania!

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